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Bangladesh is a beautiful country in the asian region. Admin have collected some real Bangali girls whatsapp numbers for visitors of this website. Some unique muslim Bangladeshi girls whatsapp contact number online or friendship in real life.

Bangladesh Muslim Girls Whatsapp Numbers

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Name: Sameera

City: Chattagong

Religion: Muslim

Staus:  Free

Age: 21

Whatsapp number: +88037927481

Amia was fortunate enough to get a chance of becoming an air hostess as one day she was using the internet to search for the jobs according to her qualifications she found an ad for the job interview for an air hostess. Amia wanted to travel across the globe and see the other places created by God. And only the job of an air hostess was the one that could help Amia see the world without spending a fortune.

Online Bangladeshi Girls Contact

Amia was selected for the training of an air hostess and in a few months she was ready to join one of the leading American airlines that travels across the globe. She was hired on the salary that was more than enough to live a stress free life with her mother and sister. In just one years’ time Amia cleared the mortgage of her house and bought a new car for her mother so that she could easily commute.

Name: Aleesa

City: Dhaka

Religion: Muslim

Staus: Single

Age: 19

Whatsapp number: +88019292938

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