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Aditi is energetic girl who has done her intermediate in the pre-engineering and nowadays, she is waiting for her result. She is bubbly teenagers who makes everyone smiles and keeps them happy. Her timeline shows her picture, in which she seems to be cute girl with right fashion sense for the teenagers girls whatsapp mobile numbers online. Her dressing code usually based on western bold dresses like jeans and tank tops in summer, ponchos and high-neck fleece t-shirts in winter. Moreover, she usually wears the shoes like joggers and sneakers instead of girly stuff with fancy decoration.

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Her personality is jolly and happy-go-lucky which also shows in the long friend list of hers. She had almost more than thousands friends in her timeline which shows her active and friendly with many people. Her posts also have lots of likes and comments, which displays her sociality to all of her friends. Most of her friends are her of her age, but some also are elders than her which seem like that they are her family members and teachers. It is very hard to manage that long list of friends and many people just add others for nothing but Likes and comments, but her communication to her friends show that she is really friendly and love to communicate with her friends.

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Beside the study, Aditi also has some hobbies, in which most of them have being used by her during the period of waiting-for-result. She has a little interest in girly hobbies. Instead, she preferred the hobbies like sports and playing video games. Her favorite sport is hockey and she played the video games which have lots of action and shooting. Her aim is to become an electronic engineer in the future and solve the problem of electricity.

Name: Aditi

Email Address:

City: Begaluru

Status: Single

Mobile Number: +91-96-47584125

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