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Name: Marelaine

City: São Paulo

Religion: None

Staus: Single

Age: 22

Whatsapp number: +62820261293

The designs made by Shaina got so popular that the demand for them started pouring in like rain and Shaina had to stay awake at nights to think and create new designs for the people who preferred wearing the dresses designed by her. Her devotion to her work bore fruits and she had to open a boutique of her own where people could come and see for themselves the effort and hard work that is needed to make a design look both pretty and practical at the same time.

The name of her brand reached other states of America and orders for more started pouring in even from the film industry of Hollywood. There was so much rush of work that Shaina had to hire the services of some junior fashion designer so that she could deliver all the orders with in the deadline.

Name: Kiania

City: Rio de Janeiro

Religion: none

Staus: Single

Age: 21

Whatsapp number: +62820261293

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