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Indian Desi Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers: A few years back the Indian women were not brace enough to fight for women’s liberation, there were a very small number of women who raised their voices for women’s rights. One of the courageous girls who worked day and night in difficult circumstances to fight for the rights of all those women who either don’t know about their legal and social rights or they are unable to summon up enough courage to do so. Ria was born to an Indian couple that belonged to the middle class and both husband and wife had to work to make their ends meet.

Indian Desi Girls Whatsapp Numbers

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Ria had two elder brothers who were studying in a nearby private school. When the time came for Ria’s school admission her parents decided to enroll her with a government school. At that age she did not know about the difference between the standard of education of a private and a government school. As she grew up she could feel the difference between the treatment she received from her parents and the way her brothers were treated.

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See the Indian houswife whatsapp mobiel numbers for real call and freindship. Instead of going into depression or feeling inferior the young lady decided to show not only her parents but her brothers and the society too that girls were not born to be treated in an inferior manner. As she was a very bright student she topped in all her grades and eventually when she did master’s in social affairs and passed it with distinction she made her family proud of her.

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During her studies she kept earning money to support her family as her father’s income was not enough and her elder brother became a drug addict. Her younger brother quit studies after eighth grade and was jobless. Now Ria is running an NGO for women’s rights and she is invited to various educational institutions to give lectures about the women’s liberation.

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