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In the famous city of Indonesia there lived a couple waiting for their first baby to come into the world. See Philippines Girls Whatsapp Numbers for real online friendship. Right after the completion of the ninth month a little fairy came into the world whom they named Shaina. She studying in Indonesian medical college and also live in hostel. He parents loved her a lot and tried to provide her with all the necessities of life without which it is hard to live a comfortable life.

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Name: shaina

City: Jakarta

Religion: Christian

Staus:  relationship

Age: 21

Whatsapp number: +62835109410

When Shaina was just five years old she had a choice of her own in wearing the time she reached 15 she had all the information needed to become a dress designer. Though somehow she managed to complete her O levels exams, both her parents had already promised her to lend her their unconditional support whenever she needed it.

She managed to make some samples of the work that she wanted to do and met a famous designer of the city. The designer liked all her designs and called her the next day for an interview.

Name: kiffin

City: Surabaya

Religion: muslim

Staus: Single

Age: 22

Whatsapp number: +62820261293

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