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Get some cool and lovely girls whatsapp number? Ivory Coast is a famous city of America situated at the pacific coast of California. The city is famous across the globe for its beaches, parks and warm climate that make these beaches even more attractive for the tourists. There lived a young girl named Isla whose mother had left her with her father and started living with her friend. Find also Asian Girls Whatsapp Numbers and Nepali Girls Whatsapp Contacts online.

Name: Isla

City: Abidjan

Religion: Christian

Staus: Single

Age: 22

Whatsapp number: +225397297202

This act of her mother left Isla full of resentment for her mother as she found her at fault. Her mother’s boyfriend was a rich man and her mother wanted to be rich without making any effort. That was the time when Isla decided to earn a lot of money and support his father who was a taxi driver. One day Isla’s father had an accident and one of his legs was operated during which a steel plate was planted in his leg. From that time onwards her dad was unable to drive.

At the time her father had an accident she was learning how to drive. The very next month she received her learners permit and in due course she appeared in a driving test and passed it easily. Her fathers’ cab was sitting idle and needed someone to drive it. Isla, after getting her driver’s permit started driving her father’s cab after school. She wanted to earn big money so she decided to become a banker, she chose finance and banking as her university subjects. Isla had a very strong brain that picked everything very fast.

Name: armelle

City: Douala

Religion: Christian

Staus: Single

Age: 21

Whatsapp number: +22534-0249932

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