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Some desi girls from Pakistan whatsapp number are here. For every living being life has a lot of challenges, but some people have courage to face these challenges with determination while others fall on their knees. Amia is the name of a special girl who was born in a famous city of the state of Punjab Pakistan.

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Pick the real Paskiatni girls whatsapp number online for freidnship. Here also see the Indian Girls Whatsapp Numbers and China Girls Whatsapp Numbers available this website. Both her parents were paramedics and Amia and her sister both had to spend most of the time together due to the nature of their parents’ job.

Name: Amia

City: Lahore

Religion: Islam

Staus: Single

Age: 20

Whatsapp number: +923120399384

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Amia and her sister both were very good students and wanted to do something to repay the efforts of their parents. Amia did well in her high school exams and wanted to quit education and join some profession .By the time Amia had completed her high school her father died of cancer and her mother was the only one who was earning for the family. The untimely death of her father was the only reason behind her decision of quitting the education.

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Name: Sana

City: Karachi

Religion: Muslim

Staus: Single

Age: 19

Whatsapp number: +923244593018

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