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See Vietnam Girls Whatsapp Numbers online friendship: God has created everything beautiful but one thing without which the whole world seems colorless and dull is known as a such person without whom the house of Mr. and Mrs. James seems quiet and dull is known as Bernice. Bernice was the second child of the couple, she had an elder brother.

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  • Name: Nguyet
  • City: Ho Chi Minh
  • Religion: Buddhism
  • Looking: Best Friend
  • Staus: Single
  • Age: 21
  • Whatsapp number: +8428782392

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Mr. James was a wealthy man and so he enrolled both his kids with the best school in Glasgow. Bernice’s elder brother was interested in army so his father sent him to the army school for training. Bernice was a very well-mannered little girl who did not want to waste even a minute so whenever she was invited to parties she stayed back home and focused on her studies.

She wanted to become a scientist and she knew what it took to be a competent scientist. Her mother was jack of all traits and Bernice was also interested in learning everything her mother knew. Whenever Bernice had spare time she assisted her mother in cooking, when she did some embroidery Bernice was there to learn a few stitches.

  • Name: Minh
  • City: Hanoi
  • Religion: Buddhism
  • Looking:
  • Staus: Single
  • Age: 20
  • Whatsapp number: +8428618247

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